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Our company, which has started to work in 1994 in istanbul, completed its establishment process in 2001 and it started to international transportation operations due to C-2 R-2 authority certificate , which is taken from Ministry of Transportation. Our mission is producing the solutions, which satisfies the expectations of our customers, with a principle , which provides a perfect service and be a pioneer in terms of the innovations and the improvements in our area.

Our firm, organizes the custom process of transported goods and accopmlishes the works in Russian importation and exportation area and at the custom points of Turkey. Also our firm provides the completion of the supplyment chain without a hitch with a great proud, which is resulted from converting duration of time to service.

It is served with completed vehicle transportation and the partial vehicle transportation in mainly Russia. Also it is served in Ukrain, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Iran, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and the whole European countries.

Our firm is serviced dependent with The Ministry Of Road Transportation. It has owned and rented vehicle capacity and all vehicles are 2008 model and all have 93-102-120 m3 carrying capacity. However, 20 Ukrainian plated and 30 Russian plated car is working dependent with our organization.

CMR insurance of the cargos are done by our firm in terms of the protection aspect. The central agency is located in Moscow. Beside this, we have agencies in Europe and in Community of Independent States. Our firm has no problem with the entrance certificate of the other contries and we have agency contracts with Russian transportation firms, which are the members of the ASMAP.