About Us

From our journey that began in 1992 to the present day;

As Doğuş International Logistics, we have operated in 12 countries, serving more than 1,000 customers with over 200,000 deliveries.

Currently, we meet the logistical needs of our customers in 12 countries through four different branches: air, land, maritime, and rail transportation.

Our Vision

As Doğuş International Logistics, our aim is to serve as the key to a seamlessly interconnected global market.

We endeavor to redefine international logistics by eliminating barriers and simplifying complexities.

With unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence, we aspire to become the preferred partner for businesses worldwide, triggering growth collaboratively, and establishing a framework that sustains enduring connections.

Our vision is to forge a dynamic and efficient global logistics network, fostering a successful and interconnected future through collaboration and adaptability.

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